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Stable home, more savings. No matter who you are, you deserve these things.

Home-buying can get you there! It's easier than you think when you have a passionate guide, educator and advocate on your side. 

Olivia Vale and client discuss a home in Austin

Step 1


If you're financing, we'll discuss what sort of lender would suit you best, whether you have W2s or are self-employed. You can buy a home with 3% down, although some home-buying programs can lower that. You'll get access to resources and recommendations for suitable lenders.

Step 2

The House Hunt

We'll discuss hopes, needs, finances, and dreams. Then it's house hunting time! There's no pressure, and we'll go with your timeline. We'll be looking at comps, stats and relevant market forces along the way.

Step 3

The Offer

An offer will be submitted to the seller when we find a home you love. We'll discuss how to make your offer attractive to a seller, while getting you the best possible deal on your new home.  

Step 4


Most likely you'll need a general inspection, and possibly other inspections too, depending on the age and condition of the home. As a multiple home owner, rehabber, etc, Olivia is a knowledgeable guide when it comes to the many "surprises" inspection reports can reveal. 

Step 5


The goal is to get you the best home for the best price. With a designated Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) on your side, you'll be in good hands, whether we're negotiating for a refrigerator or a roof repair.

Step 6

Appraisal, Legal forms

At the end of the option period, you'll be ready to coast to closing. Behind the scenes your we will be coordinating with the listing agent, your lender and the title company, keeping everything on track and making sure we're not missing anything we need, like surveys, T-47s, insurance reminders, disclosure forms, etc. 

Step 7


Get your signing hand warmed up! Closing day is celebratory and fun, and will likely take place at the Title Company we've been working with. You'll finally get the keys to your brand new home!

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